IMPACT: Coaching for Transformation

We recently started questioning our Theory of Change philosophy, which used to be an individual program-driven in-house tool and is now being envisioned as a collaborative sector methodology that avoids needless duplication of effort.

Now is the time to also review the way we evaluate impact and take the process to the level of issue-driven ecosystems.

“With growing ambition yet shrinking resources, funders are increasingly interested in the collaborative impact of multiple grantees working together around a common goal,” writes this week’s host, Lakshmi Karan.

This cluster approach brings opportunities for social entrepreneurs, but there are challenges in trying to measure systems change and the power of collective investments. Join Lakshmi Karan, the Skoll Foundation’s Director of Impact Assessment and Learning, in a conversation that is taking place first on Social Edge then at the 2010 Skoll World Forum.

via Fw: IMPACT « Coaching for Transformation.

via IMPACT: Coaching for Transformation.


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