Facebook Credits – The de facto Online Currency?

acebook has begun testing a proprietary payment system with three of its applications, according to TechCrunch. As of this week, you can now use these apps–which include GroupCard, PackRat, Birthday Calendar and Facebook’s own icon gift shop–to purchase things using Facebook “credits,” which you can add to your account with an major credit or debit card.

Unlike other payment services like Amazon FPS or PayPal, Facebook’s credit system puts a scrip between your dollars and your purchasable goods. Naturally, it’s pegged to the dollar: 10 credits equals one U.S. dollar. Some tech pundits have already begun asking whether Facebook hopes to be the de facto virtual wallet for its 200 million users, and whether Google Wallet and other online payment companies are going to take this laying down. But more important is another question: if Facebook becomes the de facto online wallet, will Facebook Credits become the de facto online currency?

via Pay With Facebook? No Thanks. | Fast Company.

via Pay With Facebook? No Thanks. | Fast Company.


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