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PayPal X Developer Conference – Innovate 2010

Join some of the sharpest minds in the developer community in deciding the future of money. Learn how innovative apps are changing the way people pay and get paid.

Choose from over 50 technical sessions featuring real code samples
Learn how to integrate payments into virtually any experience, product, or service
Network with over 2,000 of your peers and industry experts
Learn strategies for monetizing your business or idea
See how others are using PayPal APIs in innovative ways
The developers who attend Innovate 2010 will be the first to witness the next game-changing ideas in the future of money—and the first to see the possibilities. Money is already undergoing monumental changes and will change even more in ways that most of us can’t even imagine. But you can.Now that phones can become wallets and payments can be embedded into almost anything, the opportunities for developers are wide open.

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Get a head start on creating the next big Android, iPhone®, or chained payments app. Learn how to integrate payments into almost any experience, product, or service.�via PayPal X Developer Conference – Innovate 2010.

via PayPal X Developer Conference – Innovate 2010.


The Future of Money: It’s Flexible, Frictionless and (Almost) Free | Magazine

What if people could transfer money over Twitter for next to nothing, simply by typing a username and a dollar amount?�Just a decade ago, the idea of moving money that quickly and cheaply would have been ridiculous. Checks took ages to clear. Transferring money from one bank account to another could take days, as banks leisurely handed off funds, levying fees nearly every step of the way. Credit cards made it a little easier to pass money to a friend — provided that friend owned a credit card reader and didn’t mind paying a few percentage points in fees or waiting a couple of days for the payment to process.

via The Future of Money: It’s Flexible, Frictionless and (Almost) Free | Magazine.

Money Over Time:�A brief history of�currency technology.�—Bryan Gardiner

via The Future of Money: It’s Flexible, Frictionless and (Almost) Free | Magazine.

Pressure Rises on Shaken Kabul Bank in Afghanistan –

One of the principal owners of the Afghan bank at the center of an accelerating financial crisis here said depositors had withdrawn $180 million in the past two days. He predicted a “revolution” in the country’s financial system unless the Afghan government and the United States moved quickly to help stabilize the bank.

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Khalil Frozi, one of the two largest shareholders of Kabul Bank, said reports indicating that the institution had lost as much as $300 million were overstated. But he predicted that if Afghan depositors continued to withdraw their money at the current rate, then Kabul Bank would almost certainly collapse — undermining confidence in the nascent financial system Afghanistan has been trying to build with American help.

“If people lose their trust in the banks, then we will have revolution in our financial system,” Mr. Frozi said in an interview. “We need the Afghan government and the U.S. government to support us. That is essential.”

The news came as Afghan leaders took the first steps toward arresting the panic, which began earlier this week when the country’s top banking officials demanded the resignations of Mr. Frozi, the bank’s chief financial officer, and of the bank’s chairman, Sherkhan Farnood.

Afghan and American officials say the two men presided over the bank in a reckless and free-wheeling manner, doling out millions to allies of President Hamid Karzai and pouring money into risky investments that went bust. The bank’s nosedive — and the corruption associated with it — are posing a direct challenge to the country’s fledgling financial system, which was built under American guidance following the collapse of the Taliban government in 2001.

via Pressure Rises on Shaken Kabul Bank in Afghanistan –

via Pressure Rises on Shaken Kabul Bank in Afghanistan –