What is Meaningful Money?

Meaningful Money it asks whether the we can rethink our financial and philanthropic systems  to make them more effective, equitable and empowering. This involves a closer examination of the alchemy of money creation with an eye on creating a more genuine form economic democracy.

Our financial system is concentrated, centralized and commercialized, and flawed because it relies upon infinite leverage.    The existing system has not provided sufficient capital to adequately address our most vexing social, environmental, educational, health care and political challenges. The 3C Solution values the private interests of a few over the public interest of many.  The system rewards those who are creating phantom wealth, and punishes those who are doing hard and honest labor.  The 3C Solution has forced the government to assume $12.8 trillion in Federal commitments through bailouts and guarantees to prop up a flawed system.  This is an astounding level of risk layered on top of an already fragile edifice of debt.  The 3C Solution has resulted in fundamental imbalances, inequities and instabilities, that that today threaten the future of America.  It’s due for an update… call that update… Capitalism 3.0.

The way money is created defines how economic power is distributed in society.  The severity of our recent fiscal and economic crises can serve as a wake up call.  Suddenly the magnitude of the challenges that await us have come into bold relief. This will force us to think is a new way about long term sustainable solutions.  For those with uncommon vision, a new path is emerging – a new way to address the root cause of our economic crisis.

Meaningful Money is a new way of thinking about this all powerful tool we call money that enables us to also think anew about:

  • How can we stabilize our economy?
  • How can we make our economy more equitable?
  • How can we reduce government borrowing?
  • How can we empower groups and citizens working for the public interest?
  • How can we find the money to improve our educational system and universities?
  • How can we provide capital for renewable energy companies and consumers?
  • How can we provide incentives for people to reduce their carbon footprint?
  • How can we protect, preserve and promote the natural environment?
  • How can we enable non profit groups and foundations to expand their impact?
  • How can we enable philanthropists to leverage their giving in charitable dollars?
  • How can we stimulate investment is social enterprises and social innovation?
  • How can we enable students to get an education without going deeply into debt?
  • How can we revitalize our community spirit?
  • How can we renew our commitment to the common good?
  • How can we stimulate a sustainable economic recovery?
  • How can we improve the quality of health care for all?
  • How can small businesses find the capital they need to thrive?
  • How can we stimulate new waves of wealth creation?

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